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  • Dream Time with Children

    Accessible and fun to use, this guide gives a step-by-step account of how to understand children’s dreams and nightmares. Illustrated with practical exercises, the book also contains a wealth of information about the cultural and spiritual significance of dreams. It … Read more

  • Dreams, Counselling and Healing

    New research is re-establishing the importance of the ‘inner’ knowledge our bodies contain and our dreams express. Emotions, we now discover, influence the production of healing or destructive opiates within the body, and we can no longer deny the power … Read more

  • The Dream Bible: the Definitive Guide to over 300 Dream Symbols

    The Dream Bible is a comprehensive guide to the universal symbols and themes that appear in our dreams. Beautifully illustrated throughout, the clear directory format allows readers to locate specific dream images quickly and easily, to discover their origins and … Read more

  • Venus Dreaming: a Guide to Women’s Dreams and Nightmares

    Venus Dreaming is a fascinating study of women’s dream life, packed with archetypes, dream examples and information on what women’s dreams mean.  It explains how to use the unique imagery of dreams to develop both emotional and spiritual awareness. It … Read more