Venus Dreaming: a Guide to Women’s Dreams and Nightmares


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Venus Dreaming is a fascinating study of women’s dream life, packed with archetypes, dream examples and information on what women’s dreams mean.  It explains how to use the unique imagery of dreams to develop both emotional and spiritual awareness. It shows how to understand, through dreamwork, our relationships, sexuality, life cycles, including dreams of conception and pregnancy,  and physical and emotional health.

For women everywhere, the symbol of Venus is a powerful key to help us unlock insights into all aspects of our lives. She represents the female psyche in its purest, most uncensored forms – wise woman, devoted mother, protector, stalked prey, devouring vampire, erotic lover  -and she is found at some level in all women.

Our dreams tell us about our lives – past, present and future. Through dreams, our unconscious brings new insights and clarity to help us grow and develop, release blocked off energy and to enhance our creativity.

One contributor to the book says: “Your dreams tell you about your life now, your past and your future. In turning to  the myths and stories of the ancient goddesses, in searching for something meaningful among the sacred traditions of other cultures, women are recognising that the Divine Is not only ‘out there’ but ‘in here, inside each one of us and we can reclaim it.”

Newleaf an imprint of Gill & Macmillan, Dublin (published 2001)
ISBN 0-7171-3143-2