Creative Visualization with Colour: Healing  your Life with the Power of Colour


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Creative Visualization with Colour reveals how you can use the power of colour  and visualization to enhance physical health, general well-being and happiness.   There are visualizations with specific colours to develop intuition and spiritual awareness and to access personal healing potential.

Each colour has a different chapter, such as, Red: warming the heart, Yellow: Sunshine for sensuous success and the Rainbow of Radiance. The book contains affirmations, quotations and guided creativity exercises for all colours of the spectrum.

It includes:

  • Practical relaxation and visualization techniques
  • Insights into how colour influences mood and well-being
  • How colour therapy works
  • Guided creativity exercises
  • Colour and visualization for holistic healing
  • Affirmations and inspirational quotations

Translated into Dutch and Russian

First published by Element Books Ltd. 1999.  Later edition by  Vega
ISBN  1- 84333-156- X